WPX Hosting: Why I Left And Switched To Cloudways

WPX Hosting: Why I Left And Switched To Cloudways

I recently had to make the decision to leave a WordPress host that I really liked: WP Hosting. And I switched to Cloudways. In this video, I explain the downside to a shared WordPress host such as WPX or Siteground, why I switched, why a membership site might not be the best to host on such a plan… and why I think Cloudways is better than pretty much any entry-level shared web hosting account you will find.

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For my full (written) review and explanation, see the full post:

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9 thoughts on “WPX Hosting: Why I Left And Switched To Cloudways

  1. Remember LiteSpeed born for all Managed Shared Hosting providers to deliver advanced Hosting which is better than old Apache. But man you can't get it with OpenLiteSpeed. You have to own a license of the Enterprise version of it and use it over Dedicated or VPS resource. Then you get to benefit from it but it's very hard for non-techies. That's why all Managed Shared Hosting Providers use it and we feel we get something crazy. But things changed when you grow 🙂
    Hats off to CloudWays for really provide great hosting with a clear concept for all non-techies out there.

  2. Great video, Just have some questions.

    1- What about Kinsta or Liquid Web, They provide a great amount of Bandwidth and Ram.
    2- Do you have to be a developer to manage the Cloudways or are those hosting managed by cloudways?
    3- Do you need a CDN?


  3. 1. More RAM is not going to make your website faster. PHP doesn't work this way. If the RAM is not enough, you are getting an error and your website will crash. If you are not getting errors (out of memory), then the amount of RAM is enough. It is not going to start swapping (this is when RAM is copied to the disk), because this is not how PHP works. And more RAM will not make any difference, you are simply not going to use it.

    2. VPS-es running on the same hardware (same physical server) DO share resources. They share the motherboard, the network interfaces, the storage (the disks or some sort of RAID), they even share the same CPU cores and threads at different times. You can run 10 VPS-es with 1 "virtual CPU core" each, on a machine with only 1 physical CPU core, no problem. How? Well, they will share this physical core and each one is getting 1/10-th of the core. The customer might think they get "dedicated CPU", but that's not the case. VPS-es and processes running on the same Linux Kernel (this is how "shared" hosting, without virtualization works) share resources exactly the same way – they have dedicated RAM and they share everything else. It all depends on how many VPS-es or processes will run on the same resources. You can oversale both ways.

    3. You can check here a detailed comparison between Cloudways and WPX: https://reviewsignal.com/blog/25-wordpress-hosting-performance-benchmarks-2020/
    Check the WPPerformanceTester Results section – this is some real "raw" power testing of the PHP performance and DB performance. This is without any caching, it tests how fast the PHP renders. WPX and Cloudways' results are comparable, sometimes WPX wins, sometimes Cloudways wins. You are not getting "more raw power" with Cloudways.

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