Windows 10 - OneDrive - Microsoft One Drive Cloud Storage Tutorial - Sync Files in to File Explorer

Windows 10 – OneDrive – Microsoft One Drive Cloud Storage Tutorial – Sync Files in to File Explorer

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This tutorial covers Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10. I show elements of Office 365 and various features of 2016 and 2017 Office software. This demo is geared towards beginners who want to learn more about Microsoft OneDrive. This video shows you how to download and install OneDrive, how much it costs, what is Onedrive, how to create an account, how to download files, how to upload files, creating folders, and how to sync OneDrive with your Windows 10 File Explorer

This video covers Microsoft OneDrive
What is it?
How much does it cost?
Creating a OneDrive
Downloading Files
Uploading Files
Creating Folders
Syncing to Windows 10

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Microsoft OneDrive – Creating Uploading Downloading and Syncing

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28 thoughts on “Windows 10 – OneDrive – Microsoft One Drive Cloud Storage Tutorial – Sync Files in to File Explorer

  1. So I just want to save specific files and programs from my computer to the cloud in case anything ever happens to my laptop. There seems to now be a section taking up more space on my computer for all of the files and programs I download to onedrive. How can I stop that from happening and only have it save to the cloud?

  2. Hi,When I open my account in one drive in my computer desktop is automatically move into one drive how return desktop to computer and remove in one drive

  3. Sir, From my pc, I am pasting one video to my one drive folder. It gets uploaded online automatically but when I delete the file from my PC to save extra space because the video is taking space on my HDD, The video gets deleted online too. Is there any solution for that? I hope you understand my concern.

  4. thanks for the video, a quick question that do you maybe know why after i click sync, folder and sub folder structure is visible in file explorer, but when i go to check they are all empty folder? the files were not there, they look like empty folders, not synced. Is this because that the number of all items in this synced folder is >5000 ? not sure how to solve this

  5. I guess you would only need this if you are thinking of going overseas and don't want to take any files with you then its a great idea but its not a preferred replacement to your own cheap terabyte external hard drive. Plus I don't have a job so I don't use the office time to look at my own files in a work environment either like a lot of slack millennial workers do instead of helping a customer on the phone.

  6. I don't trust Microsoft or any of these companies the moment every sheep registers for a certain amount of storage and starts feeling comfortable pretty soon in 2 years the corporate leeches will diminish your storage space and say to get your files now you need to pay for extra storage don't trust this bs! It happens every time you can't trust any cooperation on the internet just buy cheap terabyte external hard drives and save it yourself without handing Microsoft your personal details to them on a platter!

  7. I'm curious: Have you ever tried using Google Drive? I have tried it several times because I can't seem to have any control over what it's doing. It seems to upload so slowly, and there is no count of any files or folders available, so I can never tell if all files have uploaded into the folder(s). It is so unreliable! Is it just me? Is it actually really easy to use and very reliable and fast?

  8. Hey Adam, can you make a video on how to keep working on something you started on your work laptop, but you just want to continue working on it from your home PC.. Thank you,

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