Use any cloud storage with Plex Media Server (with RAM Disk Setup)

Use any cloud storage with Plex Media Server (with RAM Disk Setup)

Using cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox with your Plex Media Server using RaiDrive.

0:00 Introduction to Cloud Storage and PMS
1:14 Installing Plex Media Server
1:26 Installing RaiDrive
5:18 Installing ImDisk Toolkit (RAMDisk)

ImDisk Toolkit (RAM Disk):

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18 thoughts on “Use any cloud storage with Plex Media Server (with RAM Disk Setup)

  1. I’m confused does this streaming method only work but I also have to have my external/desktop computer on the whole time? Because on my amazon fire stick I connect straight to my google drive with the kodi gdrive add on then just stream from directly. If I understand correctly with this I have to mount/actually physically upload my whole gdrive files onto plex again?

  2. So… If I'm away from the plex server and decide to watch on my phone, will the cloud stream directly to my phone or is gonna use my PCs download speed to host the movie then use the upload to send it to my phone? Asking cause i got a bandwidth limit hehe.

  3. Hey this is a good video. I have some cloud storage, SSDs, 500/200 internet and an old i7 3rd gen computer to play around with.
    Could you explain more about RamDisk (ImDisk that you use)? I've never use any sort of RamDisk before so I'm a bit clueless on that.
    I think I understand most part of the video and how it works, but can't understand RamDisk.

    What actually happens to the stored streaming cache or the transcoded cache files after.. say when you're done playing a video? Does RamDisk delete the files by itself?
    And where does it actually store? on the hard drive? If so, that would mean lifespan reducing for SSD as you said right?
    Or does RamDisk makes it store on RAM? :S


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