UNLIMITED Google Drive Storage for $12/month

UNLIMITED Google Drive Storage for $12/month

GET unlimited Google Drive Storage for $12/month:


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43 thoughts on “UNLIMITED Google Drive Storage for $12/month

  1. The fun is over or for people who legit need unlimited storage not hoarders. It's crap like this and competing with MS that caused G-Suites to go away to Workspaces and major limits now. They will be contacting Admins and starting to enforce rules around next year. So hopefully you have a place for all your crap.

  2. Ingenious way of getting people hooked on your cloud storage; Create a "loophole", get users to start uploading tons of data, get them used to having it, fix loophole, get them to pay.
    Brilliant. But no thank you.
    P.S. there is now also a single payment (like $5) lifetime unlimited G drive storage option all over ebay.. and it works. For now… but good luck with that. You really think google's gonna give you terabytes of their server storage for free forever?

  3. My friend and I are on DropBox’s unlimited plan which only requires 3 licenses and doesn’t have Drive’s limitations. We have an extra license if anyone is interested in buying 1 license from us. Currently $20 a month if prepaid for the year.

  4. Only 3$ You will be given Lifetime Access to Unlimited Google drive storage. Only you have access to the drive once you receive it.
    Lifetime means One time Pay. You will receive a drive first before you pay.

    All you have to do is provide your gmail address and get access to the drive instantly in a totally legal way.

    I don't ask for password just the email for it to be sent to. Email is the only requirement.

    The drive is legally made with our method, and it's 100% private. No one will be able to see what is in your drive. 100% Private.

    Price: 3$ per drive / Payment in Paypal. I will give drive first before you pay.

    Reach me on Telegram: @Wachakoo or For faster transaction Discord: Koy#3985

  5. great video… but I was searching for a solution to a google drive issue. see if I can explain what I need. I appreciate help from anyone.
    I have 2 desktops a laptop and a Tablet and phone too of course. lots of data all over the place. What I want is my Google drive to take it all, as in Really TAKE it, not sync, the default save to location is Google drive. Issue #1. I can "copy" files to the drive but then need to delete local files… a hassle. #2. I want Drive to show up in my file manager as a Drive like One Drive… Maybe its a matter of location but G-Drive and One drive work differently. I want G-Drive to be my C: drive. Ideally… all files in the cloud… and only shortcuts locally. can it happen?

  6. I got a Question. lets say i dont pay the next month bill for the $12.99 service. do i lose everything i have saved on my storage drive or will it still be there but i cant access till i pay my monthly Service?

  7. in my voyage looking for unlimited storage, that gsuite (1tb) is just a cap. it will be like 1tb upload(not sure if download also count) per day (or within 24 hrs). more or less 750gb (considering the amount of data loss in uploads, and download).

  8. Synology CloudSync is fairly expensive. "Synology C2 cloud backup pricing is listed as 69.99 Euros per terabyte (TB) per year, or roughly $6.60 USD per TB per month."

  9. just wanted to come back give an update on this as of 3/12/2020.

    The limitation for PAYING FOR less than 5 user accounts is that you can't UPLOAD more than 750GB of data per day. if you pay for 5 user accounts on the business account you unlock this restriction. for most people using this for unlimited cloud storage rather than business backups this limitation should be a non-issue.

    The $12/month is a bit of a misnomer in the since that you do have to have a domain and if you dont you can get one during sign up for $12/year. so in total its $13/month for the domain and unlimited storage capacity.

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