The Beginner's Guide to Dropbox for Windows - Cloud Storage

The Beginner's Guide to Dropbox for Windows – Cloud Storage

Learn how to get started using Dropbox to backup and sync your most important files so that you can access them on any computer with Internet access, including smartphones and tablets. The files you put into Dropbox can be access in your account at and also on any computer or device that you install the Dropbox app onto. If you want 500 MB of bonus space, use this link when you sign up for Dropbox: ***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***:

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  1. Great! But I feel education would be better if Blockchain was involved because all the platforms as DropBox or GoogleDrive are quite insecure and sometimes students have important files storage such as a final project. I would recommend any student to use a Decentralized Cloud Storage where all your data would be storaged in a super secure way and keeping you privacy. There are many Decentralized Platforms but I recommend you Internxt Drive because it is the easier and more intuitive one + they offer you as much security as any other platform as Internxt is based in Blockchain technology. Even this is my recommendation you have to use the platform that better adapts to your necessities!!!

  2. I tried Dropbox for a day. Had put photos on/in my dropbox account. Thought I could attach a link to the folder with the pics, send to a friend to see his family pics, but I became totally confused & totally frustrated with it. I put the pics on a disc, & delivered to him. IMHO… this thing is 10 times more complicated than it should be & to me anyway… not one bit intuitive!! I will investigate other file sharing programs – no more Dropbox.

  3. So, to clarify. Whenever I take pix with my phone, those photos are downloaded via cloud into my laptop photos. If I don't remove them from the phone, they're downloaded a second or third time when I connect the phone to the laptop. And they also appear in dropbox. So how does this help me with saving space, when it's actually filling up my photo program with 6 and 7 of the same photo?

  4. My first exposure to you. You are good. You are clear and concise, not overwhelming nor too speedy. Thanks for the lesson. Just what I needed to get a handle on Dropbox. Oh yeah, if you click the following link and sign up, you and I both get an extra 500mb of storage…j/k.

  5. I have dropbox professional. I can select folders or individual files to sync to the cloud and keep on the cloud, OR to make LOCAL so they are on both cloud and my computer. Very handy indeed for those very large files such as videos.

  6. Excellent video and voice clarity, but content is confusing! He is using the free Basic version but then he is signed in to the website. I don't understand why he did so on the website as he also mentioned that one would do so if has a paid subscription. Did not cover 90% of the innerworkings of Dropbox; did not really learn anything and thus left 1-star

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