Say hello to serverless containers with Cloud Run

Say hello to serverless containers with Cloud Run

Serverless has been turning heads for good reason. Learn how to deploy serverless containers in 3 environments using Cloud Run and Knative.

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21 thoughts on “Say hello to serverless containers with Cloud Run

  1. I love cloud run. Deploying an app is so effortless. Just push docker image, create new instance and that's it. No need to create and configure machines or clusters. It's like a magic.

  2. Stephanie, if you read this Please tell us what is this thing attached to your laptop lid, some sort of handle or pen holder, glued or with a magnet, I never see something like this before!

  3. Hi, a novice question… Does this mean the above serverless way of dealing with containers is much better than Kubernetes since we don't have to manage any servers or take the pain of going the Kubernetes route..? Does this by any chance complement Kubernetes?
    Also, earlier if we had to deal with custom Docker containers, we used to go through Flexible GAE and now that is not needed I presume?

    Thank you!

  4. Is traffic splitting coming to Cloud Run? Being able to do canary deployments is something I'm extremely interested in.

    Also, cost capping. It's the main reason I'm still using App Engine as my compute platform.

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