Samsung Cloud to Microsoft OneDrive

Samsung Cloud Drive – Samsung Cloud to Microsoft OneDrive

Samsung Cloud to Microsoft OneDrive

Samsung Cloud Drive

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Samsung Cloud Drive

Samsung Cloud to Microsoft OneDrive

38 thoughts on “Samsung Cloud Drive – Samsung Cloud to Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Sadly I did it. Nothing but problems as I had a very good photo hierarchy, but One drive just keeps unsyncing, and albums and certain photos on my phone didn't show up on one drive at all. I stopped and put my precious files organisation into my secure folder. Also, when I joined One Drive I'd used just 3 gb of my 15 gb allowance, but within 24 hrs it had gone up to 11 gb. Impossible as I hadn't touched my devices at all. When I checked, MS One drive had made duplicate folders from my phone albums and each of many single jpegs had been copied up to 7 x and there wasn't an easy way of hunting down the duplicate versions and removing them without downloading and using a different files organiser. Would've been simpler if MS allowed you to download folders or albums but of course that's a premium feature. So it becomes messy. And I've only got 1,500 photos. I got professional help, who said I hadn't done anything incorrectly but he'd experienced inconsistencies that are easy to sort out on a laptop. 'This is why I hate Microsoft" he said. "Stuff should work intuitively and seamlessly, you shouldn't have to suddenly start micromanaging your background storage if you didn't have to before."
    I'm going to keep favourite images in a secure folder and back up those weekly to my Google drive as I can't bear to pay MS. I think they've taken away some very basic functions and called them Premium.

  2. I don't use the cloud anyway, I just back up everything on external drive. These are mine I don't trust these companies to respect my privacy. They are trying to get you in to the matrix, more social media trying o control you.

  3. HELL to the NO!! I don't trust cloud drives for my photos/videos. Screw that option. I've got my own in-house cloud storage that is only accessible within my home network. I have not then nor now nor will I ever trust online storage service. It's a rip-off.

    That's $84 dollars a year for 1TB?! In 2 years that's $168. You can buy an 4TB WD MyCloud drive for that price. Then you can sink at least 3 smartphones worth of data with no extra charge. Plus you can make the MyCloud drive accessible over the internet whether you're at home, school, work, etc.

    No way I'm throwing away good money to Microsoft, Google, etc. That's just BS.

  4. Its BS if i wanted to sync my photos to Microsoft OneDrive I would have done that years ago. Microsoft is not good for Mobile platforms, just stick to what you do good; Business & Office.

  5. Can you please help me? My son was here & we transferred over the photos in my Gallery starting from 2018 when I bought my Samsung S10+ phone. What I'm concerned about is…how do I transfer the photos from Samsung Cloud to Microsoft One Drive dating back to around 2008? It appears the only photos in One Drive are from 2018 only. Thank-you in advance.

  6. So what happens to my 5 GB data which I am already using on One Drive. If I link Samsung to One Drive now, from where will I get storage space? Being a Samsung user since a decade would have preferred more clarity on it from Samsung.

  7. Will my phone numbers, and email messages still be on my phone, same place? I have many phone numbers, messages and emails from my doctors. I have cancer and am old. Cannot loose those numbers and emails. Ecample, copy of xray photo to be sent by messenger to another doctor.

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