How to use Microsoft OneDrive

Onedrive – How to use Microsoft OneDrive

How to use Microsoft OneDrive


In this step-by-step tutorial video, learn how you can use Microsoft OneDrive to backup files, to access your files anywhere, and to share and collaborate with others. I walk through how to get OneDrive and how to use OneDrive across PC, web, and phone.

Resources called out in this video:
– Upgrade to Windows 10 for free –
– Download and install OneDrive (if you have Mac, Windows 7 or Windows 8) –

0:00 What is OneDrive and why use it
2:33 Get OneDrive on PC and Mac
3:35 Get OneDrive on iPhone or Android
4:39 How to use OneDrive on PC
6:28 Using OneDrive in Windows File Explorer
7:00 Status icons
8:28 Sharing folders and files
10:05 View files online
10:30 Version history
10:54 Keep file on cloud only or device and cloud
11:36 Access your files from anywhere via the web
12:34 Search with OneDrive
13:02 Create new Word, Excel, & PowerPoint files
13:25 Upload content
14:00 Sorting
14:18 File & folder visualization
14:30 Activity view
14:56 Actions on files & folders on the web
15:40 Personal vault
16:31 Recent view
16:45 Photos view
17:10 Shared files
17:20 Recycle bin
17:48 OneDrive Settings
19:29 Using OneDrive on iPhone & Android
20:20 Scan or take photo on OneDrive app
20:50 Edit PDFs on OneDrive app
22:17 OneDrive plans for more storage

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How to use Microsoft OneDrive

38 thoughts on “Onedrive – How to use Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Can you pls help me out and tell me What am I doing wrong when I work on OpenOffice, save that file which is saved automatically in OneDrive Document. Whenever I need to work on it I go to OD- Document – Open – see my Document, open it and can work on it. No problem. But I cannot open it on my other computers.
    The OneDrive it already existed on my computer so I have never been to to get this.
    So my question is ”Why can’t I open my documents which I save in OneDrive – document”? Will appreciate your help! Thanks.

  2. 18:00 Hi Kevin! This option never stays on for me 🙁 I’m enabling this, select Okay and boom! It will disable itself! It also doesn’t show up in Task manager startup tab. It was all fine and this has happened recently, any suggestion?

  3. I feel a little fearful of saving my files to the cloud. You hear on the news how companies get hacked. I’ve been the victim of identity theft. It was no picnic.

  4. Need a video on how to manage the multiple copies of the same file. A document file can be located in the Documents folder; uploaded and/or synced in to cloud-OneDrive; in the local PC-OneDrive folder (as a document or a cloud-pointer); in File history location, and in an auto-backup area. Yikes!

  5. Lots of my students live in remote areas and need to send and retrieve files by smartphone. While I know it is not recommended, can you do some tutorials about using Microsoft 365 and One Drive in the mobile environment?

  6. Loved this video! I've been using OneDrive for a couple of months now and needed to know more, and thanks to you I do – thank you! I’ve seen several of your videos and am happy you have many more.

    NEW TOPIC: (You asked!) I've been using ActiveWords for at least four years and think it's a brilliant time saving program – I use it hundreds of times a day for its text substitution feature, to launch Word/Excel documents and to open folders in OneDrive. But it's got other features I should be using, too, and they all seem to relate to Microsoft. You have a real gift of explaining things VERY CLEARLY (and fast! : > ) so a tutorial on that program would be really appreciated.

    Kevin – Thank you from Philadelphia! Now I'm off to look at another of your videos!

  7. Kevin, how does One Drive work with my laptop and desktop when they have different files in the Document folders on the two machines? Really enjoy your videos and they create a lot of value for my work.

  8. I'd like to remove it completely from my system
    I find that It want to store my data on Onedrive, but I want to keep my files on my hard drive
    It is so hard to remove fully, it keeps appearing in my nagigation panes
    Its not easy – believe me

  9. Very helpful. Thanks!
    I am still trying to figure out Dropbox. I have 30G on it and on the PCs. How do I get the older stuff to only sit in Dropbox? Or should I just migrate to OneDrive for business ?

  10. Kevin thank you so much for this video. So very clearly explained and easy to follow. I thought I'd 'lost' all my files but this video has helped me enormously to understand the usage of the app. Thanks again.

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