30 thoughts on “In Flames – Cloud Connected (Official Video)

  1. This was what like 2004?
    Edit** its 2002 just googled. Damn man. I'm fuckin old. Born 89. This was a high school jam. In 2003 to 2007. So so long ago it hurts. Shit it creeps up on ya. People werent lying when I was young. I started a 2nd job at taco bell obv with younger people when I first had my daughter cuz I rebuild and repair burnt down or damaged houses for charity organizations relatively cheap and quick.still needed more money and was single dad of an infant. And a girl there said one night to the manager, a gentleman named larry who was 37 but looked 55 " larry, your not the only old dude here anymore!" And I went who me?? Shes like" I mean yea… ..you're 31 your kimda old" and in that moment. the scales fell. My naive and ignorant view on the world, a mere illusion, was shattered. Last time I worked at fastfood I was 16. An I remeebr saying the 30year olds were "oldpeople" it hit mme.omg. IM the old person! < * SHOCKED gasps*,* people feint,** questions asked at parliament!*>

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