IaaS Explained

IaaS Explained

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Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is a type of cloud service that provides users an instant computing infrastructure that can be provisioned and managed over the internet.

In the this lightboard video, Bradley Knapp with IBM Cloud explains the technical underlying components of IaaS, as well as the different consumption models that are available.

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17 thoughts on “IaaS Explained

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    As a Service. You’re going to hear that a lot when we’re talking about the cloud. And we use them as a service phrase to describe the three types of cloud computing we can do. That’s how we categorize our stuff. The three big categories are the IaaS PasS and the SasS.

    The last three letters are the as a Service but we have the infrastructure, the platform, and the software. We’re going to focus on the infrastructure portion first. Because it’s what most companies end up starting with and often end up sticking with.

    So let’s say that we have a company. we are not in the cloud. We have all of our servers, our routers, our firewalls in a data center, in our place, and it’s not touching the cloud. However, we do see the benefits of moving to the cloud. So we’re considering it.

    So we’re thinking, what are the next steps? So there’s our server cabinet with our delicious servers. Now, right now, we have total control over our entire environment. We’ve got people on staff that manages and maintain these servers, both from the hardware perspective and the operating system, the software perspective.
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  2. Well explained, thank you! A small suggestion on wording "No Contract". I would say more liberal and flexible contract as users still need to pay per usage. There can also be contracts for some minimum usage which can give some discounts or better SLAs etc. These contracts can vary from one cloud vendor to another.

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