How to use Smart Sync | Dropbox Tutorials | Dropbox

How to use Smart Sync | Dropbox Tutorials | Dropbox

With Smart Sync, you can set files as “online only.” This means you can see the file on the Dropbox desktop app, but not have it use up hard drive space.


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21 thoughts on “How to use Smart Sync | Dropbox Tutorials | Dropbox

  1. it fucking sucks! it has totally messed with image previews in my dropbox folders – now all i see is a placeholder for the image viewer software instead of the damn image. i tried changing image viewer software but nothing fixes it. turned SS on and off – still fucked! good work, DB!

  2. This is awesome. I wish it was available for Google Drive. Only for this feature I would move from Google Drive to Dropbox if Dropbox had a 200Gb-300Gb pricing option.

  3. It doesn't seem to work correctly, after selecting "online only" and uploading files, those (large) files are still syncing to my other machines. On those machines, there is no "smart sync" option in the dropbox preferences, but I am running the same dropbox software. Frustrating that it doesn't work. For almost all files I do NOT want them to automatically sync to other devices. I guess I'll have to keep using selective sync.

  4. More bad news. Dropbox smart sync isn't smart at all because it will move a file that is open. It doesn't appear to make this verification and in the process destroys the file you had open. Also I specified other folders to smartsync not the one I was in and yet this occured. It's a problem if you intend to continue to work. You might as well hang up your hat and wait until this is done. I have numerous files now that have disk errors. So sad about this product.

  5. So slow and also showcase, enough files in this feature and it takes forever to move and organize them. The bandwidth isn't enough for what they upgraded to, and here's why I know. This problem didn't exist before and I have a premium service with Infinity unlimited speeds, I store files on a 500 G flash drive. You think I could open files or look at thumbnail images on my cloud folder? Nope, the file image thumbnails have to be downloaded and I have thousands of files. If you choose to cloud store your personal files in your docs folder, dropbox replaces the actual file with a property file and you'll have to wait to view the contents and the thumbnail image. Very frustrating. So instead I'm using another solution a third party app. I don't permit DB to online sync my files anymore because I don't want the actual file pulled out of my local docs folder and then wait to have the darn file downloaded and this takes a minute as does saving the file back up to the cloud. Mind you I'm working with 100+ Mb files. Nope, instead I use this app BVCKUP 2, been with them for years. The program is awesome, straight forward to set up and use. The annual cost is $65 dollars but well worth it and never had an issue using it..I keep my critical files or active ones local and use this app to upload to the identical folder on dropbox. My problems started with DB when they introduced this new smart sync and I would be fine with this but not until they fix the latency issues. So frustrated by this bc I always liked their cloud features for recovering. I'm seeing also strange things happening to my history files gone or in the trash bin on their cloud which I can't pin down to what this is because I don't throw whole folders into the trash with all my relevant files. I've seen this enough times its either an issue between DB or WINDOWS AD, I'm not sure but also worrisome, how this is possibly happening, even possible something I'm doing. Until recently, I have been finding duplicates and tossing them. That problem was the result of smart sync, which I didn't fully get when the upgrade began taking files out of my local docs folder and replacing them with a property thumbnail, while at the same time, my back up software was also backing up to their cloud. It got confusing until I understood what was going on. So for now while I'm fast filling up my HD, I'm keeping my files on my HDD and using this app to back up a copy at increments I chose which is everytime I hit the CTRL-S key. I prefer dropbox over any others but at this time I am looking at Adobe in the future.

  6. The smart sync doesn't work on Mac. There's no such menu item if you right-click. Guys since you've changed everything I am really having a hard time using dropbox. I've been trying to make a file always available online for the last 30 minutes. That's ridiculous.

  7. As Mr. Eder noted below, it does not work with nested folders. You need to go in manually and select all folders individually, and then individually select all files within those folders. It really is a useless feature.

  8. This feature is garbage. I've been trying to have all my files be stored locally but Dropbox intentionally throttles my file downloads. It's quicker to open the web browser and download manually. In the preferences > sync > "Save to hard drive automatically" section I've selected LOCAL on multiple re-installations with no improvement of the service. The extent of the Dropbox support (after waiting for 10 minutes) is "Can you try to re-install the app?".

    I'll be sure to never use Dropbox ever again. It's such a scam at this point, increased fees, poor customer service, and this ridiculous app. There are better cloud providers out there. Dropbox, whoever took ownership of this new rebranding and customer experience clearly didn't care enough to make sure it was properly tested and implemented. You literally are an rsync script I'm just to lazy to write. Guess it's time to switch.

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