22 thoughts on “How To use Shared Drives in Google Drive | Tips & Tricks Episode 47

  1. when we move files and folders from MyDRIVE to SharedDRIVE.. how about the permission's already existing for those FILES and SUB-FOLDER's inside the MyDRIVE? Will they(existing permission's) change after I move them to SHAREDDRIVE?

  2. i m using shared deive in google drive.
    i subscribed shared drive from…


    when i try to download my files from shared drive ,i can not download any files.
    system says thst…

    "too many people downloaded this file, you can not download it"

    i dont shared files links with other then why this happened ?

    we are only 4 member in shared drive.

    please help me

  3. hello first of all how did you get in google drive stating Priority because while you are showing My Drive and Share Drive I can't get that to start out with so I have to add a folder in My Drive calling it Shared Drive. I am not a subscriber yet I am fishing for someone can guide me step by step and showing same thing I see on my computer like they are showing on their computer .
    I am using Windows 8 with upgrade to Windows 10.

  4. What happens if the owner/creator of the shared drive leaves and already not a member of the shared drive? Can he still have access to files uploaded to the shared drive? please answer

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