How to Use Google Drive - Beginner's Guide

How to Use Google Drive – Beginner's Guide

Google Drive is cloud storage from Google. Google drive is available to anyone and offers 15 gigabytes of cloud storage for any type of document.

You can put photos, videos, text, or any type of digital document on Google drive. Every time you create a file using a Google product such as Google Doc, Google Sheet, and Google Slides, it automatically creates it inside of Google Drive.

In this tutorial, we will look at Google Drive in detail, how to create files inside of Google Drive, how to upload files on Google Drive and how to share and collaborate on any document inside of Google Drive.

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How to Use Google Drive – Beginner’s Guide

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36 thoughts on “How to Use Google Drive – Beginner's Guide

  1. I've got a qustion.
    I honestly hate the way Google drive looks when you open it on the browser, becaue I am used to using DROPBOX directly from the folder on my computer…I have never logged in drobox on the browser…I always add, edit and delete filed directly from the Dropbox folder and let it sync automatically …Does Google Drive have the same option (folder in my pc)? or I have to edit my files on the browser???

    That's why I havent changed to google drive

  2. Hello, can you help me change my language settings?.. it should be in English but it’s in Chinese and when I go into settings in the drop down menu I can’t tell which one is the language for English

  3. I've had google for years. i didn't know that I could use Googles to do other things except photos. I would go to Microsoft for other things. thank you for the class.

  4. Thank you so much for the detailed video and most importantly for using the circle around the cursor for low vision users to keep up with the direction of the mouse. Did you by any chance already made a video on Google Calendar? Thank you!

  5. Thanks a Superb How-To projection clear simple and all-covering. If the drive "crashes I do not suppose I have lost my data…nonetheless to I have to redownload to let sync icon appear in my toolbar?

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