27 thoughts on “How to Upgrade iCloud Storage Plan! [2020]

  1. Thank you! The most important part I needed was to see how to do a backup now. I needed to access my photos on the computer, but I had ran out of storage space. After purchasing 200GB, my photos still wouldn't upload. I even signed out to sign back in to see if it would do it, and lost access to my apple pay which is no good because I just lost my wallet too lol(Ill get it back).
    This quick, straight to the point video was exactly what I needed.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Vikas bro i have a doubt. Iam using xs iam gng to upgrade 11pro max . I haven't backup my mobile yet in pc . I taught of upgrading icloud storage 50gb is more enough i need only photos and whats app backup. My question is after i choose any of icloud paid plans and back up my datas and after switching to 11pro max i get back my icloud back to my 11pro max can cancel the plan ? And what about my i cloud service will be it live and can upload photos anytym or after cancellation of service it get discontinued and all my icloud datas will be wiped out ?

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