How to install SSL in Godaddy Hosted Website

How to install SSL in Godaddy Hosted Website

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Generating a CSR

To complete these steps, you need to have set up your cPanel account and already added the domain name you want to secure with an SSL certificate.

To Generate a CSR

Login to cPanel (Shared Hosting/Server).
In the Security section, click SSL/TLS Manager.
Under Certificate Signing Requests (CSR), click Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.
Complete the fields in the Generate a New Certificate Signing Request (CSR) section, and then click Generate.
Your certificate signing request displays in the Encoded Certificate Signing Request section.

To get your SSL certificate, you need to provide this CSR to the company issuing the certificate.

Once they’ve issued the certificate, they’ll provide you a CRT file, which is your SSL certificate.

To Activate Your Certificate

In the Certificates on Server section, in the section for the domain you want to use, click (Install).
From the Domain menu, make sure you select the domain you want to secure.
Click Install Certificate.


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30 thoughts on “How to install SSL in Godaddy Hosted Website

  1. Can I apply the same method for my basic wordpress manager hosting
    Coz I don't have c panel like yours.
    I want HTTPS activation for my site too

    Plz reply

  2. This doesn't work for the new "sslforfree" or "zerossl". They give you a zip file with 3 files which do not copy and paste into the correct fields. If you can put out a video for the new method you would probably get a ton of likes. I've been trying to install this for an hour now and I'm ripping out my hair. It says it works for Cpanel but it doesn't. I wish they didn't sell out, it use to be as easy as your video.

  3. I have created a website for my UK client who have a restaurant in the United Kingdom. When I generate a certificate, do I have to enter the state and city of the United Kingdom,where his restaurant is located ? or my current city where I live?

  4. i am not getting a download option and its already showing my domain name under the ssl certificate but still when i visit my site its showing not secure

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