How to get 2TB Dropbox space for FREE

How to get 2TB Dropbox space for FREE

1. To get dropbox space for free first of all connect vpn to Italy.

2. We need to signup at dropbox for free at first.

3. Now close that previous tab and open new tab.

4. Now click on your profile which is at right corner. You will see upgrade option. Click on that upgrade option to get dropbox space for free.

5. Now under for individuals option you will see plus option. Click on buy now.

6. Then select plus option.

7. Now select “Direct debit” as payment option.

8. Go to this website and click on italy flag. You will see personal information of Italy resident which aren’t of real person actually. Just copy the person name, Iban number and postcode.

9. Paste the details in corresponding fields in the payment field.

10. Now check the I agree option and hit buy now

Boom! You got 2000 GB cloud storage of dropbox space for free. This is cloud backup for 1year

Tips : Your subscription will be finished after 1 year. When your subscription is about to finish just follow this tutorial. Make another Dropbox account and migrate the file to keep it safe.

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  1. We tried multiple times but weren't able to charge you €119.88 for your Dropbox account.

    Your account has been downgraded to our Dropbox Basic plan. None of your files have been deleted, but you won't be able to add new files to Dropbox. Please update your billing information to upgrade your account again.

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