3 thoughts on “HostGator Review: Affordable and Unlimited, But at What Price?

  1. Hostgator SUCKS DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Hostgator
    You can NEVER talk to a Human for support on ANYTHING

    Support by phone is non existent you call in they put you on hold until your battery dies, they are using the Covid-19 excuse for for slow service for 8 months straight now.

    Online Support is non existent you open a live chat and nobody ever shows up to answer questions
    You try to log in FTP using FileZilla it never will connect no human to talk to resolve search the help read for an hr try all the suggestions still can not connect.

    looked at "You will be connected to an agent within 5 minutes" for 45 minutes and gave up closed the Live Chat, needs the name changed to "Dead Chat"

    Appears my only recourse is to file complaints with better business and my credit card company, hire a lawyer sue for fraud they just take your money after signing a contract then ignore you 100%. can not even download a backup to secure my data they keep giving a Too Large excuse, will not allow me to access my data by FTP to download 100% in small chunks.


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