Google Drive vs iCloud vs Dropbox vs OneDrive | Pricing

Google Drive vs iCloud vs Dropbox vs OneDrive | Pricing

iCloud, Google One, OneDrive & Dropbox… Cloud storage options are all over the place. Google One now have boosted their pricing to a new structure, ranging from 100GB to 30TB or even more. In today’s video, we’ll be putting Google One pricing out against the likes of Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud.

Google One’s new pricing:

0:30 – Google Drive’s UI upgrades
1:20 – Existing Google Drive pricing
1:55 – New Google One pricing
2:25 – iCloud storage
3:00 – OneDrive storage
3:28 – Dropbox storage
4:00 – How Google One compares

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31 thoughts on “Google Drive vs iCloud vs Dropbox vs OneDrive | Pricing

  1. I'm a huge apple fanboy and personally get turned off completely from the fact that I cannot pick the libraries I want to permanently stay on my hard drive.
    Apple basically decides for me and found that OneDrive is way better for me on that part.
    Hopefully Apple will change this in the future.

  2. MS Office 365 includes Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.. plus 1TB OneDrive Cloud storage/collaboration. With the MS Suite of office products, I believe it clearly blows the completion!!!!

  3. Why after leading with Google Drive and then talking about iCloud… why would you say that Google One is 'trying to compete' with apple. Maybe it's just my experience but I feel like Apple (whether they say it out loud or not; which they probably never will) is competing with Google Drive…

    Note. I found this video hoping to see more of a usability comparison between Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive … so far Google Drive is the CLEAR winner for balancing both internal and external sharing.

  4. Tell me how you can't take a we ag my picture of me and n to family putting us in n danger like a wanted poster you can buy it but If your hacked to to he pointed the even your bank account then what? How are you protecting us when anyone can make an app don't you police that or leaveing us vunurable to all kids ok financial attacks and even worse global in sanity

  5. I have Google drive and it's annoying. On the mobile side I have an app with links to individual files that I can download if I want. However on the windows side the app downloads all or nothing and if I want individual files I have to go to a web browser. I got the 2 tb and to use it with the app on windows I need a 2tb local drive which for me makes the app almost pointless because i'm looking to use this as extra storage and make it easy to use.

  6. I have the GSuite business subscription paid $ 10 / month and I am entitled to 1TB of storage. Comparing with One Drive and the dropbox I realized some undesirable disadvantages via app when compared to competitors. For example: If you access via android app or IOS it does not give you the option of file sharing with people who do not have gmail account or GSuite which ends up making the process very annoying. Now if I access via web browser I can do this by usually sharing the link and choosing the option to make public sharing to "out" people that he considers not to be part of the google community. I believe there has been a size shot in the foot analyzing with competitors without counting in value. The One drive has a package that provides 5TB of storage with 5 users + Office mobile + Office APP + Office Desktop for U$99.99 per year or a monthly fee of U$8,33/month in installments on the card in 12x. You can determine an expiration date of a particular share or put password so that the file being created a sharing link the person who accesses it must have a password to access the data (this being optional). In the app app the dropbox complicates a bit if you need to file a document or file from the dropbox app to the gmail email app or whatsapp. Already the onedrive and the google drive is a spectacle. Everything goes of its necessity. The google phone support is good, but not great, technicians sometimes report procedures that do not conform to the guidelines and procedures that google's own support site describes, and the technicians are misinformed about the procedures.

  7. Also Amazon clocks in at
    100 GB $11.99/year
    1 TB $59.99/year
    With a 5 GB free option
    Unlimited photo storage for prime subscribers (includes RAW) files

    As an iOS/macOS user iCloud is hard to beat… I didn’t realize the pricing was competitive. (A few years ago Apple was way over pricing iCloud storage at a time when Microsoft and amazon offered unlimited).

  8. I’m curious why apple is in this comparison since iCloud requires the a unit to be connected in order to keep that data. IF you sell a unit and wipe it before and have not moved that data to another source you will lose it. Compare to the others who work like online hard drives. Don’t think apple is really clear about this nor do I think it’s fair to compare prices with the other options.

  9. I really like the Apple apps for Dropbox, but I don’t like their pricing. Personally, only need up to 100 GB and I don’t wanna pay 9,99€ a month for that. It’s too expensive. Why don’t they come up with a cheaper price for fewer storage. ?

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