Introduction to Google Drive File Stream | Drive Filestream vs. Google Backup & Sync

Google Drive Stream – Introduction to Google Drive File Stream | Drive Filestream vs. Google Backup & Sync

Google Drive app on Windows and Mac is going away! Here is everything you need to know about Google Drive File Stream including the difference to Google Backup and Sync.

Make sure to watch this video to avoid any compromise on your data and take advantage of Google’s latest Drive Sync tool.

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38 thoughts on “Google Drive Stream – Introduction to Google Drive File Stream | Drive Filestream vs. Google Backup & Sync

  1. The 2 things that google drive now needs is being able to create true non-destructible shortcuts/symlinks and to enable an option to stream videos at specific resolutions, like the website does.

  2. Suggestion: Fix your camera's focus (manual) rather than auto focus constantly hunting around. It's so distracting
    Your laptop + the whole background constantly going in and out of focus

  3. I work in IT, but I'm about 2 years late discovering this. I happen to see it on one of my customer's PC's. Geez, it's hard to keep up with all of the new stuff.

  4. Hey, Nice video… I have a shared drive in my Google drive but I can`t access it like the normal drive and I can`t sync it with google sync and backup desktop app… any ideas how to work around that?

  5. Hi… I wanted to know what is the use of Google Drive File Stream and regular Google Drive Desktop? File Stream downloaded all the files from my drive onto the computer. I really don't want that to happen. Also there is no way to choose which files are to be backed up and which files don't have to be backed up. Can you please help?

  6. I had google file stream downloaded under a company i worked with previously. Now I want to delete it and have it set up under my own organization. How do i go about doing this?

  7. I would like to do regular backups of the data from our G Drive Team folders to my desktop in case I lose access to my Google account, it gets hacked or something like that. Can I do that with Google Drive File Stream or what would be the best way?

  8. why did it take so long for anyone to make a working product like this? All other products that let you mount cloud storage as a drive work nowhere near as good as what google has come up with. Now they just have to make it available to everyone and I will recommend only this as a backup and synchronization solution for all files.

    OneDrive for example does not work nearly as good when you have millions of files because it prefetches the entire index of files (even though not the content).

  9. Google Drive File Stream is great except one small problem – When you use Windows explorer it first downloads the files then shows you the list. If you have lots of time waste then I recommend this software, if not stick to Backup and Sync.

  10. Hi just wanted to ask if for example i have a photoshop file on my google drive and then ive made some changes to that file, will it be synced even with some very minimal changes?

  11. Hi Pete, just switching over to File Stream from Backup & Sync. Primarily using files in Adobe apps so one question that I can't find an answer to. After working on a file and re-saving back to the same location in File Stream, does the local version of the file automatically get removed after its re-synced to the cloud? Thanks!

  12. Hey Pete! Thanks for the video! I currently use this Google File Stream service. I know you mention that when you access a file (@3:34) it automatically downloads the file when you access it. Do you know of any Google literature that says this? Regards, Dean

  13. With backup and sync are you able to do the exact thing you showed here with file stream where you can see every file/folder in your drive through finder, but only sync the ones you need to be "available offline" .. Similar to how Box Drive and Dropbox do?

  14. @Google should merge it into a single sync client with file stream features. Why on earth separate it all. It should be one single sync client for domestic and commercial users based on their type of subscription and thus activate ro deactivate features.

  15. I didn't realize they had ELECTRICITY in ANZAC! The last video I saw of New Zealand was some little guy getting into trouble over stealing a ring, then giving it to a family member and leaving the jurisdiction. Said family member then took the stolen item, got in trouble and ended up destroying it in one of those Ring of Fire volcanoes the Pacific is so well known for, said relative also left the jurisdiction, just leaving a note that said 'Going West', it sort of cheesed me off the whole place, such disregard for their Eldars!

  16. Hi. Thanks for the video. It seems that Google Drive is much faster than Drive Stream at syncing. I add a video file to a folder that's being synced to both services and it shows up in Google Drive in about 45 seconds, and over 2 minutes for Drive file stream. I tried this repeatedly. Also with Google Drive you can SEE it is being synced, there is a blue recycle emblem on the file icon. With Drive File Stream you have no indication, which is lousy considering how slow it is. Lastly, as the chart points out, The old Google Drive is very good for backing up My Documents. Not so with file stream. Really I don't see any advantage for me in File Stream. Let's hope you're wrong about Drive "going away". At this point File Stream is poor and offers a less than Drive.

  17. What happens if you put a file directly in the virtual google drive disk on your pc? Its gonna be synced? It's synced and saved as offline or synced and deleted from the pc? I just want to figure out wich is the best way to free some memory and upload my files without using a dedicated Chrome tab opened…

    Thanks in Advance
    Best regards

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