Godaddy Reseller Program My 10 Year Results

Godaddy Reseller Program My 10 Year Results

Here is the link to sign up for the Godaddy Reseller program:

Here is the link to my reseller page. You will get a page like
this if you sign up.

I am using the stock reseller page with no modifications. The only thing I did was buy a domain name and re-direct it to the reseller page. Here is a video which shows you how:

Godaddy is the world’s largest seller of domain names. They also sell various web hosting services. Here are some advantages of joining the Godaddy Reseller program:

Standard buy rates, up to 20% off retail
White-label eCommerce storefront
Credit card processing
24/7 support
Product promotions
Sales and commission reports
Options to customize colors and images
SSL certificate

I have consistently been making money every month with this program.
People tend to keep domain and hosting services for a long time. This results in reliable recurring income.

Classified Ad Posting Service:

Affiliate Program:


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  1. Sir, you might have changed one's life with this info. 
    I've been freelance graphics designing for probably 8+ years and been on a hard trail self-learning some IT tricks and online business.
    I didn't know what I was looking for but I after heading this direction for a while I may have found it
    Bless you

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