HOW TO USE DROPBOX | FREE File Sharing & Cloud Storage Software (Beginners Tutorial 2020)

Dropbox Free – HOW TO USE DROPBOX | FREE File Sharing & Cloud Storage Software (Beginners Tutorial 2020)

HOW TO USE DROPBOX | FREE File Sharing & Cloud Storage Software (Beginners Tutorial 2020)

Dropbox Free

HOW TO USE DROPBOX | FREE File Sharing & Cloud Storage Software (Beginners Tutorial 2020)

In today’s tutorial, I guide you through how to use dropbox in 2020. Firstly, I show you how to download and set up dropbox on your computer. Next, we explain the free file sharing and cloud storage features, as well as the other powerful features unique to dropbox.

Due to the current global crisis, businesses of all kinds are forced to operate from home and shift online. Dropbox and similar online tools allow businesses to continue to communicate and remain productive.

File sharing allows businesses to connect with staff and customers by creating a shared online environment through cloud storage capabilities, this fosters collaboration, communication and transparency between everyone.

Cloud storage works hand in hand with file sharing. Cloud storage enables individuals to upload information in the form of documents, folders, media and more, into remote servers accessed from the internet. These are secure and managed by cloud storage service providers like dropbox.

In this video tutorial, we focus on the ‘free Dropbox plan’. Below are the elements and features that we cover in this video. Timestamps:

01:36 Sign up to dropbox
03:18 Setup dropbox on your computer
06:06 Dropbox dashboard
08:04 File sharing feature with members
15:07 How to use paper on dropbox
16:52 HelloSign
17:36 Transfer
18:10 Showcase

Let me know if you have any questions down below! Thanks!

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Dropbox Free

HOW TO USE DROPBOX | FREE File Sharing & Cloud Storage Software (Beginners Tutorial 2020)

24 thoughts on “Dropbox Free – HOW TO USE DROPBOX | FREE File Sharing & Cloud Storage Software (Beginners Tutorial 2020)

  1. I appreciated this tutorial so much Stewart. I am a volunteer with a listener supported radio station and this is the program they want me to use to create and share the PSA's that I write for the station. We now need to do this because the station is off limits due to COVID. Keep up the good work!

  2. A little upset here. I decided to try Dropbox the other day. Started downloading all of my files, folders and desktop from my Mac. That's when the problems started. All of the folders that I had organized on my desktop are now gone. The background on my desktop is gone and now displays a blue background. My screensaver is also gone. What did I do wrong and how do I reverse this?

  3. Hi, I have a question, there are files shared to me by my client and I need to edit it so she gave me access and it said I can edit the file, unfortunately I can't edit the files, all the documents are in .pages and .numbers, what should I do about it? hope you can help. Thanks!

  4. I have Dropbox basic and someone just tried to share a 200+ file with me. Do I have to subscribe to download it? I cannot see how to download it to my computer. Even after following your instructions to keep it local.

  5. Thank you for such a detailed video. I somehow have made it through my life and college never needing to use such a program. Now, I need to use it for freelance and was very intimidated at messing up somehow, esp considering these are for clients. Keep up the awesome videos! You took a layer of anxiety away from me haha.

  6. Can anyone solve this problem. A news company sends us mp3 into a designated folder. The file they send is exactly the same file name everytime the send. This updates the previous file (of the same name). A different website that then wants to upload the file several times day (as it updates) needs to be able to have permission to get to the mp3 file in the folder on automation. Everytime the online radio website tries, it gets blocked . How do you get the designated folder open for sharing with the online radio website?? It is not an individual that wants the file, it is a website software that needs to copy the file. Any ideas Stewart or anyone else.. PLEASE!

  7. This will be a bit of a long question/ multi step question but im hoping you can help me!

    I am looking to sync my files between my laptop and desktop, and possibly ipad as i will explain later.

    I am a music producer, and am a student so I would like to have my digital notes via (one note, or another note software notability for ipad), or, i would like a 2 in 1 laptop and use one note on there.

    My question is, would one drive or dropbox work better for me? I would like to have these files for example a note stored, locally, as well as in the cloud so i have 2 forms of it right there in case i lose access to my dropbox account or one drive account, or my SSD Breaks. I would along with that back these files up to a google drive just for another storage, along with backup ssd. So do these files store locally and sync locally, or is it only a cloud based hard drive not taking space up on my computer/devices ssd? I would prefer a local sync, with it being backed up to cloud as well.

    If you were me, what would you do for your file setup structure to save my notes and music files across devices so i can work essentially seemlessly with it being backed up so i dont have to worry about data loss. Thank you

  8. Ok, I watched the video. You say you can delete shared files, but does this mean that the person who you shared it with also lost the file? Also, does he/she need to have Dropbox? Please help.

  9. Hey, I have a question. I'm a music producer and I want to send my music to artists. I know there is a big chance that they will not answer me and in that case I don't want them to have my music. Is it possible to send music with dropbox and also delete it in case I don't get an answer? Sorry if you explained it in the video, I am too lazy to watch 20 minutes 🙂

  10. I'm lost……I have a tablet…..I can't access my artwork which was scanned and put on dropbox……the files are huge…….for POD website…….public computer screen has me baffled……I cannot understand this……I have no one who can help me……

  11. Why does my dropbox on my computer look different from my dropbox at Do I need to sink it? I added files to my dropbox on my computer and they did not appear online or could I access them from my work computer or my cell phone. I am so confused.

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