Bluehost Wordpress Tutorial - Step by Step for Beginners

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step by Step for Beginners


This tutorial will show you how to build a WordPress website with Bluehost. This is a complete step by step tutorial for beginners.

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If your Bluehost dashboard is different than the video, you are on “cpanel” instead of “home”. Click home in the top left of your BlueHost dashboard to make it look like the video.

48 thoughts on “Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step by Step for Beginners

  1. After seeing many of my peers set up their online portfolios, I've been wanting one for myself as well.

    At first, everything seemed daunting since I'm quite a rookie at web design/dev. I thought that I'd have to jump through countless hoops and hurdles to get things set up. I understand that hiring someone would be the best, that's kind of out of the question at the moment, so I've decided to take care of things myself (I have base level experience with web fundamentals and UX/UI).

    This video put me at ease! Thank you!

  2. The domain isn’t free. It’s a trick. You are paying for it. Otherwise when getting a refund you would get everything you paid. Instead they say, we don’t refund the domain. If the domain is free then why are you saying you don’t refund for domain?

  3. This is so helpful, I'm so excited! I paid for my domain months ago, but everytime i logon and pull up the WordPress dashboard I get so intimidated that I push it to the back burner. I can't believe how silly I've been, thank you for helping me see it; I can't wait to start putting my damn site together, going to binge your other videos for more helpful stuff!

  4. I loved this video! Can I build an E-Com site using those plans that you have displayed in this video or should I purchase a premium WordPress version? Is BlueHost stable and reliable web hosting and what about the reloading speed?

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