Backup a Synology NAS to Backblaze B2 using Hyper Backup! (Tutorial)

Backup a Synology NAS to Backblaze B2 using Hyper Backup! (Tutorial)

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Learn how to use the new S3 compatible API to backup your NAS to Backblaze B2 using Hyper Backup!

7 thoughts on “Backup a Synology NAS to Backblaze B2 using Hyper Backup! (Tutorial)

  1. I've been using time capsule for my mac but realised it's not great if my house burns down – I'll lose the mac and the time capsule. Could I use time machine to back up to a sinology NAS and then use this to backup to back blaze?

  2. you mentioned that having the files synced in the cloud using CloudSync is not as good as using Hyperbackup. Can you explain a bit why not? Doesn't it accomplish the same thing? You mentioned it would be a different process to then restore the files? Haven't done this before so your help would be appreciated!

  3. Thanks for the great video! My biggest use for this is to insure my data mostly from a total nas failure (fire, flood, ect…) Do you think that this is the easiest method if the data needed to be downloaded onto a new nas?

  4. I notice you had your bucket lifecycle set to "Keep All Versions". Can you say more about that? With hyper backup managing the backups, does this help in any way? Won't it unnecessarily cause a lot of bloat to your Backblaze bucket? Thanks for the video.

  5. Awesome help. I was sure I could not figure this out, and this step-by-step tutorial nailed it for me.
    The only improvement could have been explicit instructions on how to create and use the encryption Key.

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