Azure Pricing & Support Explained  - Azure Training

Azure Pricing & Support Explained – Azure Training

By subscribing to Azure, businesses can pick and choose, in an a la carte fashion, which Azure services and features to use. This video shows the different types of Azure subscriptions available so that you can choose the services you need while managing costs effectively. Watch the full course to see how Azure services are priced and metered.
This course then moves to the Service Legal Agreements that are available for some of the Azure services and the different levels of support that can be purchased. Lastly, it covers the Azure Preview features to beta test prerelease versions of products and features.

This course learning objectives
– Understand Azure subscriptions and subscription types
– Understand Microsoft’s Azure pricing
– Plan and manage costs associated with subscriptions
– Understand Azure support options
– Understand Microsoft’s Service Level Agreements
– Understand Azure’s service lifecycle

This course is designed for sellers or purchasers of cloud-based solutions and services. It is intended for those individuals preparing for Microsoft’s Azure AZ-900 exam.

If you’re interested in preparing for the exam, we recommend the Cloud Academy’s AZ-900 Learning Path

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