AWS - CloudWatch Metrics, Alarms, Pricing, Events, Detailed Monitoring

AWS – CloudWatch Metrics, Alarms, Pricing, Events, Detailed Monitoring

AWS CloudWatch:
– How to create CloudWatch Alarms
– Basic & Detailed Monitoring with CloudWatch Metrics

– How to use CloudWatch Events with SNS

– Pricing of different CloudWatch components


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42 thoughts on “AWS – CloudWatch Metrics, Alarms, Pricing, Events, Detailed Monitoring

  1. Hi Sir,
    I want to setup a ses reptutation.bouncerate with a threshold of 4% ,6% & 8% with a mathexpression so that when ever it breach higher threshold 8% it will consider lower one also and i only got higher threshold alarm .
    can you help me
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Sir, Wish you a happy New Year. I have a doubt. At around 8:20 in the video, you mentioned 2 consecutive periods of 1 minute. Could you please tell in this, which one is Period, Evaluation Period and Datapoints to Alarm?

  3. Hi we have 11 instances and we have to enable the detail monitoring. The 3 parameters only we need to monitor. So can u provide the detail cost need for monitoring

  4. with respect to preparing for CDA exam – My head is spinning trying to remember the differences between cloudwatch and couldtrail. I watched your Cloudtrail series where you said cloudtrail logs can be sent to cloudwatch logs. This is very confusing. I have googled for a long time but just can't make and remember the distinction between cloudwatch, trail and x-ray. Can you please clear this up for me (and I hope many others) sir ?

  5. Here we configured alarm for one instance and instance is stopped on meeting criteria. I have ten instances and i want to configure alarm for them. Do i need to configure alarm individually for all the 10 instances.

  6. Great tutorial. One quick question – what is the difference between Alarm and Event in terms of use case? Which one should be used when as it seems both are pretty closed and can perform similar task.

  7. Hello Sir….CPU Load is not there in the matrix….if we want to monitor the CPU load for a particular EC2 instance……can you please suggest that how can we do that through CloudWatch??

  8. Sir, i would like to see videos on Cloud security architect/administrator profile also. And it would really help if you could made tutorials on AWS DevOps topics like CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, OpsWorks and CloudFormation !!

  9. Can anyone send me link that how to connect Iot thing to cloud watch to get a notification ,actually I published a sensor data using Matt .now I need to get a notification for that published data ,please can anyone help on this

  10. In this video, first we created an alarm for cpu utilization if it's below 40% for 2 minutes and asked the instance goes down. Later we created an event for making the machine running and send out and notification.
    My doubt is that since we created alarm, it should again go down right as it again meets the condition for alarm.

  11. Thank you for this great video. I have a query, I am using EC2 instance and running LAMP stack, 2 Node servers with pm2 (1 for chat server) , Rethinkdb on EC2 small. It hangs every day means i am not able connect to server via ssh. Monitoring graphs show CPU utilization not more then 20%. Could you please suggest me any solution of it?

  12. Hi Sir,
    Could you please let us know those video is enough to learn aws sysops admin.I am working as Linux admin.I am planing to move aws,pls suggest those are enogh or need to attend classes.

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