iCloud Tutorial - Apple iCloud

Apple Cloud – iCloud Tutorial – Apple iCloud

iCloud Tutorial – Apple iCloud

Apple Cloud

Learn about the great online tools in the Apple iCloud suite, and see the basics of how to use them. iCloud is available to anyone who has an Apple ID, and it …

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Apple Cloud

iCloud Tutorial – Apple iCloud

34 thoughts on “Apple Cloud – iCloud Tutorial – Apple iCloud

  1. the iPhoto is a pain because you cannot pick and choose what you want to have in iCloud–it is an all or nothing. You might want to remove photos from your phone because you have run out of space but voila–the photos in iPhoto also go? iPhoto should work like a master album but it doesn't operate the way I want it to.

  2. hello, I would like to upload a folder from my server back up to.. icloud drive, how can I upload a folder from my server backup disk to my icloud drive without copying it to my main disk. thank you

  3. Thanks for this very helpful video. I can’t believe iCloud still can’t share folders with other apple users like Dropbox has for years. I’d love to exist 100% within the Apple ecosystem but… :-/

  4. Hey!! Just wanna say your videos are awesome but I’m curious if you back up iPhone 8 Plus portrait photos to google photos can you get them back on the phone and regain that original quality to be able to print to bigger frame??? Thanks again man!!!

  5. Muchas gracias for this video. I want to ask the following: if I upload an excel document in icloud an then, other day I want to open it and make some changes, is it possible to save the "new" document directly on icloud or do Ihave to save it in the computer and then upload the "new" file with the changes on icloud. Gracias!

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