Apache Virtual Hosts

Apache Virtual Hosts

If you want to host multiple websites or web apps on the same web server, you’re probably going to be using virtual hosts. Today, we’re looking at the configuration syntax and behavior of virtual hosts in Apache httpd.

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21 thoughts on “Apache Virtual Hosts

  1. Thank you so much for the clear explanation on virtual hosts and the two types. I now have a clear understanding of what virtual hosting is all about. This is what a good tutorial looks like. As a Linux sys admin student this will help me with my project. Keep up the good work. I've subbed!

  2. Oh my god thank you.
    Every second passing watching your video you clarified real world issues I had with servers due to lack of knowledge of VHosts.

    Got yourself a new subscriber for sure.

  3. Hi,great channel btw.I have a question if u can help.I have been pentesting various routers by way of changing the lan settings for dns to point to an attacking computer on the network. Do you know if dnschef still works in cooking requests.Im getting the safebrowsing from google and the browsers,chrome and firefox refuse to connect.Ive seen alot of these dns change attacks are taking place.

  4. I have to say , its a really good explanation of th apache server, thanks for that . Great work. As the previos comment , If you could explain reverse proxy on Apache in your own word ,it wuold be great. Specially ho to setup Next-cloud and this calendar issue on reverse proxy.

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