What's The BEST Cloud Storage in 2020? Dropbox vs OneDrive vs Google Drive vs iCloud vs Amazon

Amazon Cloud Drive – What's The BEST Cloud Storage in 2020? Dropbox vs OneDrive vs Google Drive vs iCloud vs Amazon

What's The BEST Cloud Storage in 2020? Dropbox vs OneDrive vs Google Drive vs iCloud vs Amazon

Amazon Cloud Drive

Wondering which online storage service you should be using in 2020?

Watch our review of each of the file platforms to figure out which one you should be using in 2020.

0:00 Intro
1:10 Microsoft OneDrive
5:12 Google Drive
10:11 Dropbox
12:10 Amazon AWS
14:34 Apple iCloud

In October 2020, Google changed all of their Business GSuite plans, and introduced Google Workspace.
I made a video update about what these changes all mean:

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Amazon Cloud Drive

What's The BEST Cloud Storage in 2020? Dropbox vs OneDrive vs Google Drive vs iCloud vs Amazon

26 thoughts on “Amazon Cloud Drive – What's The BEST Cloud Storage in 2020? Dropbox vs OneDrive vs Google Drive vs iCloud vs Amazon

  1. I am a long time OneDrive user. The biggest downside is its reliability. Not reliability in terms of system outage or anything like that, but reliability in terms of file syncing. Very often I would realise, the latest version I saved on one device does not get uploaded to the cloud and somehow when I go back to the device with the latest version, that version will also revert back to the non up-to-date version. I also see the 'file conflict' banner in office files very often with options of only to 'discard my changes' and 'save as' – no 'save my changes' (unless you choose save as and save on top of the current file and hope that there is no 'file lock' issue) so the 'multiple can edit at the same time' claim is very shallow in my opinion as practically, I have to inform people to constantly remember to exit files when they're done otherwise it will very easily cause conflicts.

    Their iOS app is also abysmal. When I create a new file on the cloud, it sometimes takes tens of minutes to sync – you would have to access their website and go through the login process to get to your file, which kinds of defeats the purpose of having a dedicated app IMO. So..forget about throwing files on the cloud from one device and expecting it to appear instantly on your mobile device.

    From my own experience of using Microsoft products for decades, they seem to struggle with this file version issue since the days of Microsoft ActiveSync (smart phone syncing with Windows) and Microsoft SyncToy (hard drive backup). It seems they still have this core issue lurking somewhere in their code.

  2. As a user of Dropbox for Business (800 users) and G Suite (100 users), I see the pros and cons of both daily.

    Pros: Administrator-friendly (flexible groups, Okta identity-provider functionality, data retention features, new scan feature for personally identifiable information, large file size limit.) Useful features called Transfer and File Requests make sending or receiving content far better than email.

    Cons: Most user-hostile desktop app ever. Smart Sync / Selective Sync issues. User must choose what to sync to their computer and wait ages for it to update. If the cache or local database go wonky, the user is hosed until and admin does surgery.

    Pros: Administrator-friendly, but some features are paywalled. File Stream app is user-friendly and requires almost no management by the user; sync with cloud is much faster than Dropbox.

    Cons: File Stream can occasionally have a bad cache that causes the app to no longer function. Requires minor surgery to “reset.” Admin-level control not as extensive as Dropbox. The flexibility of permissions is quite rigid, but this is slowly being made more flexible. Requires sharing with outsiders vs Dropbox having a Transfer (outbound copies) and File Requests (inbound copies directly into user’s drive.)

    I deal with Dropbox desktop app issues or training needs almost daily. With Google it’s infrequent. I really wish Dropbox would improve the user experience.

  3. I use Onedrive mainly for backing up and syncing my Mac (s) and recently I realized that Onedrive is the one that causes my computer to turn on the fan for no particular reason and drains the battery at a very fast rate

  4. It was very good explanation so big thumbs up for that. I am currently using goolge drive service for my entire files for my 3 computers (one laptop one desktorp and one macbook pro) and the main proglem annoying me is that google drive is killing your data plan over isp side. I mean for 1 gig file, even you changed one byte of it, then it replaces whole the file with the new one to all clients. And one more thing is also very bad and becoming burden to my computers is the ram and cpu usage of "backup and sync" aplication of goodle drive. Sometimes I have to stop it to continue to my job because it is slowing my pc down very bad. since there is no settings for opening it like in the night or weekend something, you can not organize it. for the price vise, I also searched alot and I have the Icloud for my apple devices, the cheapest one according to capacity is google drive. One drive from microsoft offers also very good plan but they force you to have all office products and if you already have permanent license you can not separete it from the package in microsoft ecosystem. I thing google must develop more lightweight program for the windows users, then they will win this competition. this is my opinion. thanks

  5. I recently left Dropbox after 3 years because its shared files transfer/usage was always too limited (i had the paid plus 2TB subscription) so i had many problems when happened (most of time by error or wrong validations, also theres a limit of 2GB download by people so that sucks, also theres no full week support) Finally i moved to Google Drive for the same price/storage and no sharing problems…

  6. Backblaze is wreaking some serious havoc on my life. The refusal to give my files back is affecting my health, damaging my career, and impacting my life overall. Because I cannot access my files, I have already lost a lot of money and time and, if I do not get them back, I will continue to lose
    money. The total amount of money I will lose is not low, and the impact this will have on my life is not small.I've been their customer for 2 years. A few months ago, I changed my phone number for the first time since 1999. After changing my phone number, I no longer have access to my Backblaze account. They refuse to give me access to my files. They refuse to have a conversation with me. They have been absolutely horrible to deal with, and I feel like I am in a nightmare and can't wake up. My hard drive was stolen during my move. My laptop was hacked earlier thisyear, so I had to wipe it clean. Backblaze was my backup. It's what Backblaze is supposed to be. Backblaze has the only copies of my files from 2008 – early 2019. They will not give me access to my files, and they cancelled my account without my consent even though I paid for It on time every month. I do not think I will ever get my files back.Over the past few months, I've spent countless hours jumping through their hoops and pleading with them. They do not care. They are happy to take 10 years of files away from me yet they don't have the decency to have a conversation with me. It's awful. It's a nightmare. I know that sharing this isn't going to help me. But it might help someone else. I don't want anyone else to go through anything close to what I've experienced with them.

  7. Hi, thanks for the video. A while back when I used the DropBox app form my desktop, it opened up directly to my folders. Now, a window comes up (with a blue strip on the top) first and then I have to click on the folder icon and then on the "little face" icon and then finally I see what I was used to see, my list of Dropbox folders. Is there a shortcut around this?

  8. I have been using MEGA Cloud and am extremely happy with it.. they start you off with 50 GB's.. has a chat, phone ..eerything.. I upped my plan and have 400 GB's for $4.99 …I'll get you the actual costs for more but you should try this … its also incentive based.. you invite more people you unlock more stuff..and get alot more space..Im up to 1TB space now.. with 1TB of transfer space per month…. Ive ad Gdrive and all the rest.. MEGA is shareable in same way but many more features.. Give it a try… seriously..

  9. What's the point of the feature which disallows other people to further share a file if for instance in a Word file the other person can just copy the actual text and then share it that way..

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