AdvisoryCloud Review: Maggie Harmon

AdvisoryCloud Review: Maggie Harmon

Maggie Harmon, COO of The Brand, Art, & Technology Studio, is an accomplished attorney and senior businesswoman with over 20 years of experience in business and management consulting, and she reached a point in her career where she felt like it was an appropriate time to start looking for board positions.

As a business leader, Maggie is passionate about empowering women and helping women become more influential and prominent in the workplace. She is also passionate about companies with a mission that she can stand behind. Maggie saw AdvisoryCloud as a way to empower herself to find these types of board positions, and in turn, to empower other women to get on boards and be more influential positions in corporations.

“I am truly excited about the board position I was offered through AdvisoryCloud – the company’s mission is deeply important and meaningful to me. By joining AdvisoryCloud, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that I would have said “no” to before I joined. This feels like the right direction for where I’m supposed to go and feels like I’m being led to certain opportunities for personal growth in addition to professional growth,” said Maggie.

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